Tarantulas for Sale: Updated 05/06/2021


Heterothele gabonensis AF £35

Hysterocrates laticeps AF £45

Monocentropus balfouri AF £70

Neoholothele incei AF £40

Poecilothria miranda AF £60

Poecilotheria rufilata AF £70, sub adult £60

Pterinochilus murinus RCF AF £50 (4th leg bit bend after moult)




Theraphosa stirmi MM mid 2020 £40

Monocentropus balfouri MM £25




Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens £35, female £50

Hysterocrates laticeps £20, male £25, female £35

Monocentropus balfouri £20, female £45

Omothymus violaceopes female £35

Poecilotheria miranda female £35

Poecilotheria rufilata £25, female £40


Acanthoscurria geniculata £15

Monocentropus balfouri £10

5x Monocentropus balfouri £40

10x Monocentropus balfouri £80






Vine wood:
40-50cm  £15
Bigger pieces on request

Desert bush:
up to 20cm £5
up to 40cm £9
Bigger pieces on request


Postage RMSD £8 including heat pack

or £3,90 if no live stock or only roaches

Live arrival guaranteed
Discounts on multibuy

UK Mainland ONLY

To order just send an email: pure.exotic@yahoo.com

We will contact you shortly.

Check our facebook page for stocklist:

Natural decorations and more!

Now you can create your perfect terrarium! We know how important is every piece of landscape, that’s why we selling single items with measurements.
We offer:

  • Cork tubes and pieces

  • Vine wood

  • Mopani wood

  • Shells

  • Rocks

  • Life food