What is a kokedama ?

Kokedama is a living plant in ball of soil wrapped in moss. In simple translate kokedama means “moss ball”. Kokedama comes from Japan, where is very popular.

Our Kokedamas are made by us. We choose plants which are easy to maintenance and purify the air.

They are easy to keep, but they will need a little bit of attention.

Most important thing is to regularly water a kokedama,
usually every 5-7 days, it depends on temperature and humidity.

To water your koked ama properly, follow this three simple steps:

  1. Pour room temperature water into small container.

  2. Dip the kokedama inand left for 10 minutes.

  3. Take out the kokedama from water and leave for 5 minutes to drain off.



* Most of plants prefer soft water ( rain water or bottled one).

*Alternative method to water kokedama is misting, if you choose this method you should do this more frequently.

 * If you have a fish tank you can use water from aquarium for soaking a kokedama.

* You can put kokedama to terrarium or vivarium without planting