AirPlants Pure Exotic

About Airplans (Tillandsia)

Airplants (Tillandsia) are very interesting and decorative epiphyte plants. They don’t need a soil to live. In natural habitat they derives water and nutritions from the air. 

Tillandsias live on trees, rocks or even sand. What they need most is good air circulation. There are two main types of airplants – Mesic and Xeric.

             Mesic have darker smooth leaves and prefer higher humidity.

             Xeric have more leaves with visible tiny hairs and prefer dryer climate.

Residual water between the leaves can kill the plant, so do remember to shake it off after soaking. They are easy to keep, but they will need a little bit of attentions.

Four crucial requirements are:

  1. Bright position (avoid direct sunlight)

  2. Regular watering

  3. Good air circulation

  4. Monthly fertilization


* Most of plants prefer soft water ( rain water or bottled one).

* To feed the plants use organic fertilizer for airplants once
a month, alternatively you can use bromeliad fertilizer.

*  Tillandsia species can be grown in terrariums and/or vivariums, remember to check requirements of each species.